Short Term Plan

  1. Acquisition of producing asset: The company intends to acquire participating interest in producing asset as a non-operator ( Yombo Masseko 18.5% and PNGF Sud 5%). This will allow the company to invest and generate cash flow, which will then be invested in exploration and production of new assets.
  2. Development of Capacity: The Company intends to recruit experienced and tested Congolese to run the company and commence recruitment plan to train young Congolese Engineers and Geologist.
  3. Participate in development and re-juvenation of brown fields


Medium Term Plan

  1. Investment in new FPSO with joint venture partners for redevelopment of Yombo- Masseko field.
  2. Acquisition of Onshore and Shallow water block: The Company intend to acquire and operate onshore and shallow water asset.
  3. Acquisition of onshore and Shallow Water Block for exploration.

Long Term Plan

  1. Exploration of Onshore/ Shallow water block.
    1. Seismic operation
    2. Drilling and Testing exploration wells
    3. Drilling of appraisal well
    4. Field Development Plan
    5. Development of new oilfield.